The Old Norse Goddess of Initiations

From Stone Age shamanism through Bronze Age Sun worship and Sacred Marriage, the Great Goddess Freyia evolved into the great Regeneratrix of the Vikings who sought initiation and resurrection through a deadly journey through the Underworld that would lead to union with the Origin of All Souls, goddess of the cosmic ocean from which the universe was birthed. Based on my book “The Maiden with the Mead – a Goddess of Initiation in Old Norse Myths”.
All drawn art in this movie is copied from Scandinavian Stone Age, Bronze Age and Viking Age rock art, engravings and sculpture (by me).
Music by Ehwaz, a group that is (sadly) dissolved. Thanks to the musicians of late Ehwaz for attempting to revive Old Norse musical styles: Embla Maria Franz (voice, violin, flutes and percussions), Gustav Holberg (Voice, violin, flutes and percussions), Thomas Kvilhaug (voice, bass, guitar and percussions), John Gunnar Brynjulvsrud (voice, jews harp, kantele, Lótar and percussions), Kjell Øyvind Braaten (voice, ballafon, gambri, bass, guitar and percussions). The songs are: Skumringsdrøm, Vi Riden Så, Gwerin, Vinda, from the albums “Den siste Ulvejakta” and “Ehwaz”.

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